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Shot of Love Intention Candles 


When going through life we tend to continuously give love to others and forget to love ourselves in the process. This candle is made with the intentions of unapologetic love of self. Charged under a full moon and infused with rose quartz crystals, pink himalayan salt, rose buds,  and scented intention oils handmade by a Sassy Soyse'. This candle will surely show you the magic in loving yourself. Why wait? It's time to take your Shot of Love now. #Unapologetically


 All Sassy Scent Soy Candles Come:
🌙 Hand-poured with Love & Care
🌙 Non- toxic and Burns Petro-carbon Soot FREE
🌙 Top- notch Quality
🌙 Premium Fragrance Oils
🌙 100% Eco Cotton Wicks
🌙 Vegan and Cruelty Free
🌙30%-50% longer burn times than typical paraffin candles
🌙Flat Shipping Rate w/ sturdy boxed shipping methods or FREE SHIPPING when you spend $75 or more. 

Shot of Love (Set of 2)